Let’s Try This..

9/21/2020 Hi everyone, my name is Nikki Westover, co-founder of this amazing giving circle.  I see that I have the option to do a blog post, so I though, “let’s give this a try!”.

Just thought I’d share a few updates about our plans for the next meeting and some things we have in the works.
Our next meeting is scheduled for October 12, 7PM.  We have space reserved a the Black Diamond Community Center to meet in person, HOWEVER, I think we would need to be in Phase 3 or higher (we are currently in Phase 2) in order to have a group gathering larger then 10. :/ So, we have a back-up plan to meet via Zoom.  We will be sending an email this week with the non-profits that were selected as well as the zoom link information.

I am meeting with 2 online payment options for collecting member’s donations.  I know an online option would be so much more convenient for many of you, so I will be looking in to it!  Most of the time spent on the admin side of things for us is collecting member payments.
Because we are not a non-profit ourselves, it is slightly more difficult to collect money online (we can not use venmo or paypal without tax implications on someone’s personal account).  However, we are not completely unique in our fundraising model, so there are options.  I will be figuring out which is easiest, most simple but still fits with our goals.

I think that is all I have for now.  Be sure to watch emails for our non-profit announcements and zoom registration information.


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