Non-profits are nominated by our members* prior to meetings. The non-profits then go thru a screening process to confirm they are a 501(c)3 in good standing. Once they are confirmed, they are put in to a "hat" and three non-profits are randomly selected to present at our meetings**.

April 2023:
Chosen non-profit: TBD
Nominated non-profits:
Covington Storehouse
Tahoma School's Foundation

January 2023
Chosen non-profit: Elijah's Hope
Nominated non-profits:
Elijah's Hope
Elk Run Farm

October 2022
Chosen non-profit: Bridge Receiving Center
Nominated non-profits:
Bridge Receiving Center
Covington Rotary
Plateau Outreach Ministries

July 2022
Chosen non-profit: Bicycle Rescue For Youth
Nominated non-profits:
Bicycle Rescue For Youth
Tahoma Schools Foundation

April 2022
Chosen non-profit: Birthday Dreams
Nominated non-profits:
Birthday Dreams
Compassionate Healing Foundation
Lighthouse NW

January 2021
Chosen non-profit: Left Behind K-9 Rescue
Nominated non-profits:
Foster Champs
Left Behind K-9 Rescue
The Wishing Well Foundation

October 2021
Chosen non-profit: Elk Run Farm
Nominated non-profits:
Behind the Badge Foundation
Elk Run Farm
Felomena's Grace

July 2020
Chosen non-profit: The IDEA Project
Nominated non-profits:
Backpack Program-RFWF
The IDEA Project
Puget Sound Goat Rescue

April 2020
Our April meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions. Please visit our Gallery Page for the list of non-profits our members donated to.

January 2020
Chosen non-profit: Footprints of Fight
Nominated non-profits:
Footprints of Fight
See Ya Later Foundation
Vine Maple Place

October 2019
Chosen non-profit: Nexus Youth and Families
Nominated non-profits:
Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
Nexus Youth and Families
Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation-Neighbors Feeding Neighbors-Senior Hot Meal Delivery

July 2019
Chosen non-profit: Bicycle Rescue For Youth
Nominated non-profits:
Enumclaw Senior Center
Maple Valley Food Bank and Emergency Services

*Members have the opportunity to nominate ONE non-profit at any time in the year (Our chapter's year is October-April). After our meeting in April, the "hat" is emptied and we start our year with a fresh batch of nominations.
**Non-profits that have been selected to receive the collective donation are not eligible to be nominated again for 2 years. Non-profits that were selected and did not receive the donation will not be eligible to be nominated again after 6 months.